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We have glimpsed our mortality and embrace its most precious gift. Do now what will be lost through hesitation. We intend to enjoy the gift of time here in this plain, with you and with all those who know how precious life is


So Now What?

I love to share the humor I see in life. I am excited to bring the 'moment' into an image, a piece of music or an event. I have a knack for being able to stand next to someone's soul. I am respectful and rarely 'take' when I can become a part of someone's experience and share the holographs life brings us. The best lasting memories come unbidden and so make every moment count.

Make A List!

We are selling our house. After 27 years of living in spacious luxury we are going to travel, visit, and be. I hope to journal and take pictures but truthfully ... if those things done make a difference then we will seek what does. Read more ...


Our Kids

These two crazy goons and two of our three grandsons. They've grown much. I hope to show you more soon.


I've got a few images of the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and Smith Rock (shown). The northwest is a canvas of unique rivers, mountains, and wildlife. It is impossible to tell you just how amazing this area is without a good camera and a little morning, evening, and night time patience.

Magic People

Imagine taking the time to learn. Sports like target shooting, weight lifting and long distance walking are well within our reach. Reading books of both the nonfiction and fictional variety will be a nice change from the amazing life of the teen volunteer. We've spent 35 or more years mentoring teens and helping them understand their importannce and power. We are honored to still know so many of you.