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Mike Crane - Photography


Our specialty is people. Candid photos of children, company events, family, pre-natal and infant photography. We even do real estate virtual tours that include original background music.


Why We Do It

I love to capture people having fun and being themselves. I am excited to bring the 'moment' into an image. I have a knack for capturing someone's essence and understanding that some people love to have their picture taken, and some people don't. I am respectful and rarely 'take' a picture when I can become a part of the event and share the images it gives me.

Check Us Out

Take a look at what I've done. You'll probably find what your looking for. I have a photography center and full sound studio for mixing down videos. Yes we do videos too! Read more ...


Family Events

Family and Corporate Photography are a joy to share with video, music, slideshow, or hard copy. From children's antics to serious hob-nobbing I capture your nest, your network, and your corporation.

Landscape Imagery

From the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and Smith Rock (shown) the northwest is a canvas of unique rivers, mountains, and wildlife. It is impossible to tell you just how amazing this area is to photograph.

Just Fun!

The best images come from capturing a moment. This young lady was so excited to arrive at the event and meet her family for the first time she couldn't contain herself!