Many of us had heard that the Aurora Borealis, that light show of the northern gods, was going to be visible from Portland on the night of Friday, September 12, 2014.  I even got a picture of it, but not the way I thought I would.  Figuring that I'd quietly sneak out to the seclusion of the Vista House, a large round stone building that sits atop a lofty basalt arm that juts out from the wall of the Columbia Gorge along the northern state line of Oregon, it was an idea shared with thousands of other Portlandians.  It was fun.  There's nothing like a breezy (blowy) warm night in the harvest season. 

Instead of sneaking to seclusion, I was burning gas on the road to Historic Highway 30 as I waited in line to make the turn east towards what turned out to be a lot of taillights.  People sauntering down the highway with their strollers and love companions.  It was warm and windy and certainly one of those many moments you get to enjoy in the Portland Metro area. However, I was looking for seclusion and all the headlights and flashlights were going to play havoc with my photography.  So I moved east in hopes of finding a spot, took a number of images at Multnomah Falls, snapped a few stars, and headed back.  I stopped briefly at the parking lot for Multnomah Falls that is out by the Highway and then headed home.  It's there that I took the surprise photo.

When I awoke I reviewed the pictures and found one with an odd green smudge to the left of the moon.  I had panned to the right a bit for my next shot and the smudge moved nearly out of view.  That's when I realized that the show had been there, but the lights and bright half moon were just too much for it. The only way to view it was with a time laps of about 30 seconds!

Maybe next year. It was fun to get out with 10,000 other folks!  We bee-hived the side of the gorge for nearly 4-hours! The great folks that live out there in Corbett must think we're nuts.  They might be right.