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Yup - this is pretty simple looking

I wish life was as well -

And, as with life, don't let the basic nature of this page fool you ... oh it's simple all right

But there is more. Seek, ye shall find ...

Find a place where WE (You and I) make your web site - because FREE web sites are crap, and they're not free.

Frankly - I'm sick of all the fancy marketing and sales cheats.

If your business or pleasure is worth something to you - then don't skimp. Do your web site right.

It represents you, just as Pro-Ops Web Design represents me. Check it out.

At Pro-Ops there is a one time cost - no monthly subscriptions and when we are done, you own it.

Check out our references page.

... find ...

Mike Crane - Owner - Pro-Ops Web Design