So I'm getting old. 

So are you - even if your 20.  The only difference between 20 and 61 is that I can't deny it anymore. You can.  Those of us who have been here a while are concerned.  It's not that you don't know what you're doing (you do - and you don't - right?), it's that we 'old-folks' know what you don't know.  That's right.  And worse yet, you don't know that you don't know.  We want you all to succeed.  Many of you are very much smarter than us.  I hope so!  Geez, I'm starting to burn out so I hope your light is brighter.  But nearly all of the younger ones have no elders to sit down with and ask questions. Believe me when I say that just because someone has years doesn't mean they have smarts.  The truth is that if you survived to 60 years old then you have to know something because at that stage you've had a lot of brushes with death - even if you've been sheltered.  The trick is, to make sure when you get to 60 that you know what you know - and you know what you don't know to the greatest extent possible.  That's about the best you can do because if you do that then you'll be teachable, and you'll know when to keep your mouth shut, and when to say that you don't know something.  Yup!  Stay teachable.  If you find yourself saying, "I know.", very often then you are like I was when I was 20.  That's why I didn't get very far.

This site is for everyone.  You're welcome to post here - and share you're wisdom.  There's an awful lot of wisdom out there and we aim to collect it.  So whether you're a devout Christian, Bohemian, Muslim, or free-spirit under 30 or over 90,  please consider making a contribution. We only ask that specifically religious dogma is not used; however, you're welcome to refer to the bible, Tao, Koran, or other written teachings as appropriate.